Getting Started

Add the ruby2js gem to your Gemfile:

bundle add ruby2js

or manually install the ruby2js gem:

gem install ruby2js

If you’d like to use Ruby2JS with Node-based build tools, read these additional instructions.

Basic Usage


require 'ruby2js'
puts Ruby2JS.convert("a={age:3}\na.age+=1")

With our recommended “preset” configuration:

puts Ruby2JS.convert("a={age:3}\na.age+=1", preset: true)

With just the functions filter:

puts Ruby2JS.convert('"2A".to_i(16)', filters: [:functions])

Host variable substitution:

 puts Ruby2JS.convert("@name", ivars: {:@name => "Joe"})

Enable ES2021 support (default with the preset configuration):

puts Ruby2JS.convert('"#{a}"', eslevel: 2020)

Emit strict equality comparisons (aka == becomes ===):

puts Ruby2JS.convert('a==1', comparison: :identity)

Emit nullish coalescing operators:

puts Ruby2JS.convert('a || 1', or: :nullish)

Emit underscored private fields (allowing subclass access):

puts Ruby2JS.convert('class C; def initialize; @f=1; end; end',
  eslevel: 2020, underscored_private: true)

Continue to the next page to learn all about how to use the “preset” configuration or build your own.

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