The jsx filter will convert the types of scripts suitable for processing by the react filter into JSX.

This is generally not necessarily if the sources are being converted for processing in the browser or by processing in Node.js for SSR purposes. Instead, this filter is more likely to be useful when the code is being processed as a part of a one-way export of the code, with the intention of the result being maintained by developers.

Example inputs:

%x{ <br/> }

React.createElement("p", nil, "text", 
  React.createElement("br", nil), data)

_ul @@list do |item|
  _li item.text, key: item.id

Example outputs:



  item => <li key={item.id}>{item.text}</li>

There are cases where this conversion may be incomplete. Examples:

  • calls to React.createElement where the first argument is other than a literal string.
  • wunderbar syntax involving blocks including complex control statements or even simple assignments.

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