Getting Started

Add the ruby2js gem to your Gemfile:

bundle add ruby2js

or manually install the ruby2js gem:

gem install ruby2js

If you’d like to use Ruby2JS with Node-based build tools, read these additional instructions.

Basic Usage


require 'ruby2js'
puts Ruby2JS.convert("a={age:3}\na.age+=1")

With filter:

require 'ruby2js/filter/functions'
puts Ruby2JS.convert('"2A".to_i(16)')

Host variable substitution:

 puts Ruby2JS.convert("@name", ivars: {:@name => "Joe"})

Enable ES2015 support:

puts Ruby2JS.convert('"#{a}"', eslevel: 2015)

Enable strict support:

puts Ruby2JS.convert('a=1', strict: true)

Emit strict equality comparisons:

puts Ruby2JS.convert('a==1', comparison: :identity)

Emit nullish coalescing operators:

puts Ruby2JS.convert('a || 1', or: :nullish)

Emit underscored private fields (allowing subclass access):

puts Ruby2JS.convert('class C; def initialize; @f=1; end; end',
  eslevel: 2020, underscored_private: true)

With ExecJS:

require 'ruby2js/execjs'
require 'date'

context = Ruby2JS.compile('d = new Date(%Y, %-m-1, %-d)'))
puts context.eval('d.getYear()')+1900

Create a Configuration

There are a number of configuration options available for both the converter itself as well as any filters you choose to add.

If you find yourself needing a centralized location to specify these options for your project, create an rb2js.config.rb file in your project root. Example:

require "ruby2js/filter/functions"
require "ruby2js/filter/camelCase"
require "ruby2js/filter/return"
require "ruby2js/filter/esm"
require "ruby2js/filter/tagged_templates"

require "json"

module Ruby2JS
  class Loader
    def self.options
      # Change the options for your configuration here:
        eslevel: 2021,
        include: :class,
        underscored_private: true

    def self.process(source)
      Ruby2JS.convert(source, self.options).to_s

    def self.process_with_source_map(source)
      conv = Ruby2JS.convert(source, self.options)
        code: conv.to_s,
        sourceMap: conv.sourcemap

Then you can simply require this file from inside your project.

# some_other_script.rb

require_relative "./rb2js.config"

ruby_code = <<~RUBY
  export toggle_menu_icon = ->(button) do
    button.query_selector_all(".icon").each do |item|
      item.class_list.toggle "not-shown"

js_code = Ruby2JS::Loader.process(ruby_code)

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