Command Line Interface (CLI)

Installing the ruby2js gem adds a ruby2js executable to your path. Invoking this executable with the --help option provides a list of options:

Usage: ruby2js [options] [file]
        --autoexports [default]      add export statements for top level constants
        --autoimports=mappings       automatic import mappings, without quotes
        --defs=mappings              class and module definitions
        --equality                   double equal comparison operators
        --es2015                     ECMAScript level es2015
        --es2016                     ECMAScript level es2016
        --es2017                     ECMAScript level es2017
        --es2018                     ECMAScript level es2018
        --es2019                     ECMAScript level es2019
        --es2020                     ECMAScript level es2020
        --es2021                     ECMAScript level es2021
        --es2022                     ECMAScript level es2022
        --exclude METHOD,...         exclude METHOD(s) from filters
    -f, --filter NAME,...            process using NAME filter(s)
        --identity                   triple equal comparison operators
        --import_from_skypack        use Skypack for internal functions import statements
        --include METHOD,...         have filters process METHOD(s)
        --include-all                have filters include all methods
        --include-only METHOD,...    have filters only process METHOD(s)
        --ivars @name:value,...      set ivars
        --logical                    use '||' for 'or' operators
        --nullish                    use '??' for 'or' operators
        --require_recursive          import all symbols defined by processing the require recursively
        --strict                     strict mode
        --template_literal_tags tag,...
                                     process TAGS as template literals
        --underscored_private        prefix private properties with an underscore

        --port n                     start a webserver
        --install path               install as a CGI program

If no file is specified, input will be read from STDIN.

A full description of the options can be found on the Options page of the documentation.

Installing the wunderbar gem is required if you want to make use of the --port or --install options.

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