The minitest-jasmine filter is for users of the Jasmine behavior-driven test framework. It:

  • maps subclasses of Minitest::Test to describe calls
  • maps test_ methods inside subclasses of Minitest::Test to it calls
  • maps setup, teardown, before, and after calls to beforeEach and afterEach calls
  • maps assert and refute calls to expecttoBeTruthy() and toBeFalsy calls
  • maps assert_equal, refute_equal, .must_equal and .cant_equal calls to expecttoBe() calls
  • maps assert_in_delta, refute_in_delta, .must_be_within_delta, .must_be_close_to, .cant_be_within_delta, and .cant_be_close_to calls to expecttoBeCloseTo() calls
  • maps assert_includes, refute_includes, .must_include, and .cant_include calls to expecttoContain() calls
  • maps assert_match, refute_match, .must_match, and .cant_match calls to expecttoMatch() calls
  • maps assert_nil, refute_nil, .must_be_nil, and .cant_be_nill calls to expecttoBeNull() calls
  • maps assert_operator, refute_operator, .must_be, and .cant_be calls to expecttoBeGreaterThan() or toBeLessThan calls

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